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Help BASE Make Space for Artists

Your support gives artists access to outstanding, flexible space

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Help Elevate Risk

Making brilliant creative space affordable to artists is crucial to maintaining a vital cultural landscape. As Seattle's rapid growth continues, it gets more challenging for dance and hybrid performing artists to create. The rising cost of living makes the need for alternative, experimental art space especially strong.

We keep our rental rates below market value to make it easier for artists to do their work. Every dollar we raise helps fund the difference between what we do for artists and what it costs to run Base.

Base appeared on the landscape to provide artists with a flexible, accessible space to create, practice and perform. With a mission to elevate risk and invention in dance, performance and multidisciplinary art, Base is part of a declaration that Seattle is still a great place to make art.

  • $25 allows us to provide eight hours of subsidized rehearsal time through our Base Subsidy Program.
  • $50 covers a 90-minute tech consultation for a Residency or Base Independent Production artist
  • $100 covers one full day of a multi-week Base Artist Residency
  • $250 funds documentation of one of the many community showings that happen at Base each year
  • $1,000 helps fund a two-week Base Artist Residency

Base is 2,000 square feet of flexible space, with 20 foot high ceilings, natural light, a sprung floor, light and sound systems, a kitchen and a bathroom. Located in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood, Base is ideal for rehearsal and performance. More on what artists can do at Base here.

[Image description: the lower half of a torso stands, with arms by sides. The person standing has very light skin, and is wearing a blue linen button-down shirt.]