Can't attend Bounty but want to support Base? image

Can't attend Bounty but want to support Base?

Help Base ensure that Seattle is a great place to make art!

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A Facebook post by Coby Schelt from April 24, 2018 reads, "Will the last artist being pushed out of Seattle please leave the ghost light on?" For artists, it's easy to get discouraged by the fact that Seattle is no longer an affordable city.

That's why Base has resonated so deeply with the community since we opened our doors two years ago. In the face of the city's soaring cost of living, Base is an assertion that Seattle is still a great place to make art.

Base puts our flexible, outstanding venue within reach of artists—it's our mission to do so. In the process, we help feed a pipeline of powerful art for PNW communities. We do it because we believe that making beautiful space accessible to artists is critical to maintaining a vital cultural landscape.

To keep pace with demand and respond to the opportunities coming our way from outside Seattle, we need the investment of like-minded folks—people who agree that Seattle must be a place where artists can find not only space to make work, but also freedom to take risks. We need your help in building a sustainable infrastructure as we prepare to take exciting steps in 2018.

On Wednesday, June 13, 2018, the board of directors and artist community of Base present Bounty, our 2018 benefit evening. Bounty is an opportunity to celebrate Base's gifts to the community, and to add to the abundance of what Base provides to Seattle's dance, performance and multidisciplinary artists.